About us

Considering our extensive activities in the field of supplying and distributing industrial and construction plumbing systems (water, gas, steam), and providing complementary consulting and executive services, along with several procurement and distribution centers in Tehran, we are known as one of the largest and most experienced active enterprises in this field which have met a large part of the construction and development projects requirements.


Our sales centers are located in Khayyam and Shad-Abad markets in Tehran; we have established Mirab Arian Company with the goal of producing polymer plumbing systems and coordinating affiliates stores and managing supply chain in order to provide customers with better services.

With more than four decades of related experience, we are proud to have a significant role in supplying and equipping various industrial and construction projects across the country by resorting to a well-equipped sale group and warehouse and transportation system in various fields of the water, installation and construction industries. These experiences enable us to cooperate with relevant companies, regarding introducing executive teams and expert consulting in these areas in addition to order and deliver goods.


Considering the needs of the domestic market and with the aim of meeting present needs of active companies in the water and wastewater, agriculture, oil and petrochemicals, buildings and … etc. industries, during recent years, Mirab Arian Company has produced polyethylene (PE) pipes and has imported and distributed PVCU pipes, fittings and valves according to international standard DIN 8061/23 from the largest and most reputable producer in the European country. During these years, we have always focused on delivering high-quality, sincere services in order to satisfy our customers.