pool استخر

Meeting different levels of the swimming pool and Jacuzzi market requirements regarding modern industry products, through importation and exclusive distribution of equipment and accessories from the most creditable European companies as well as productions in accordance with the Mega Pool, distinctive products having European standards together with nationwide after-sales technical services.

سونا سونا

Exclusive agent of HARVIA-Finland, one of the largest companies operating in the sauna industry, with the aim of supplying a variety of dry sauna electrical heaters, steam generators and sauna accessories as well as manufacturing products required by this industry aiming to generate Iranian Mega-Spa brand meeting all the market needs, national product supporting and entrepreneurship development across the Country.

سونا سونا

Meeting all of the needs of water and wastewater industries activists and professionals and petroleum and petrochemical pools via supplying and distributing of UPVC high pressure pipes and fittings using valves with DIN, the largest and the most famous European standard; also the exclusive distributor of Vino Hydro Pool Products.

 نماینده انحصاری برترین برندهای دنیا  نماینده انحصاری برترین برندهای دنیا
Exclusive agent of the world's top brands
 گذر از مرز 3000 پروژه استخری  گذر از مرز 3000 پروژه استخری
More than 5000 swimming pool projects
 کاملترین سبد محصولات استخر و سونا   کاملترین سبد محصولات استخر و سونا
The most complete collection of pool and sauna products
 گارانتی 2 ساله میراب آرین  گارانتی 2 ساله میراب آرین
Mirab-Arian's 2 year warranty
شبکه توزیع میراب آرینشبکه توزیع میراب آرین
Active distribution network throughout the country
 کارشناسان متخصص و مجرب  کارشناسان متخصص و مجرب
Qualified and experienced experts
Executive projects and supply of goods
Selected Products
Good job endorsements
Neshat-avaran-silk Company

With all due respect, we (Neshat Avaran Silk Co.) are pleased to express our satisfaction with IML pool equipment (Spain), HARVIA sauna equipment (Finland), NATUREWORKS swimming pool silica (Spain), BOWMAN heat exchanger (UK), and NedGas ozone generator (Netherland). In addition,…

Tehran Group Construction Company

The company expresses its satisfaction with the purchased products including FIMAP UPVC pipes as well as FIP UPVC fittings (Italia), which were used in the construction of the swimming pool and restaurant buildings in Iran University of Medical Sciences. Also,…

Sazeh-Sazan Company

Sincerely referring to Letter No. 2-29, dated 2013/12/4 from the Company regarding the request for Approval of Good performance for UPVC fittings and valves purchased from that Company, we notify that all the above-mentioned items purchased from that Company have…

Tehran water park complex

The company expresses its satisfaction with the purchased UPVC products including HYDROPOOL pipes as well as PIMTAS fittings (Turkey). Also, we thank you for your great efforts in timely delivery of the requested products, we wish you a great pleasure…