Brief Company Introduction

By suppling the most complete portfolio of products, Mirab Arian has turned into a household name among the professionals and contractors of swimming pool, sauna, spa and water treatment industries and the owners of private and public pools.

Durability, Quality and Innovation

Our product portfolio includes filtration system equipment, including standard and self-priming pumps, sand filters, and glass filter media for the best filtration quality. We also offer the most efficient and advanced equipment for pool water heating and sanitation, pool accessories such as skimmers, ladders, lights, fountains and covers and pool cleaning and maintenance supplies from the largest Iranian and European manufacturers. Mirab Arian supplies best electric heaters and steam generators for both small and family saunas and large and public saunas and sauna accessories from the world’s leading sauna and spa company (Harvia Finland). As the founder of UPVC high pressure piping systems in Iran, we are ready to provide UPVC pipes, fittings and valves and also primers, cleaners and solvent cements for plastic piping systems of various residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Mirab Arian Overview

The founders of Miran Arian Company have played an active role in the Iranian HVAC market for more than 50 years. Our company officially began operations in 2008 and we have consulted and supplied more than 8000 projects all over the country. We import pool, spa, and sauna equipment and UPVC pipes, valves and fittings from the top European brands, and manufacture quality pool and sauna equipment under the Iranian brands of MEGAPOOL and MEGASPA Our greatest asset is a growing team that work with us in different areas of R&D, marketing, sales, after-sales service, accounting and warehousing.  

At Mirab Arian, we strive to provide the Iranian market with quality products and innovative solutions and to ensure our customers’ peace of mind and their complete confidence in our products and services. In this regard, we import the products of 12 European brands as their sole distributor in Iran and also manufacture Iranian products of high quality. Our network of sale representatives throughout the country offer these products to our customers with best prices and valid guarantees.

Mirab Arian publishes educational content in the form of books, articles, vodcasts and podcasts, with the aim of: Improving knowledge and skills among individuals and companies involved in the pool, sauna, spa and water treatment industries Helping pool owners to choose the right products and teaching them how to maintain their pool properly to keep it safe, sparkling, and ready to use.

Drawing on several years of successful experience in importing the products of the world's top brands, Mirab Arian began to design and manufacture pool and spa equipment and supplies under the brand names of MEGAPOOL and MEGASPA since 2018. We have managed to turn MEGAPOOL into a well-known brand in the pool and spa market through accurate market evaluation and appropriate quality control.


برای دریافت کتابچه الکترونیکی (eBook)فرم زیر را پر کنید!

برای دریافت کتابچه الکترونیکی (eBook)فرم زیر را پر کنید!