Swimming pool

Swimming pool

Mirab Arian Co. imports and distributes the required equipment and spare parts exclusively from the most reputable European companies and provides after-sales services with the aim of supplying the market demands and developing products in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi industry.



The Mirab Arian Trading Group is importer of all types of dry and steam (wet) sauna heaters, steam makers and sauna rooms from one of the largest active companies in this industry.

UPVC pipes,fittings and high pressure valves


Mirab Arian Co. have imported and distributed UPVC pipes, fittings and high pressure valves in accordance with DIN international standard from the largest and the most reputable European and American manufacturers considering the needs of the domestic market and with the purpose of meeting the needs of the companies active in the water and wastewater industry, pool contractors, oil and petrochemicals industry etc.

Why Mirab Arian?

The great goals of Mirab Arian are to achieve global credibility and effective and dynamic participation in the Middle East to serve as the main supply and distribution center of modern pool plumbing and water purification systems, saunas and swimming pools specialized equipment, and its related accessories in addition to provide leading innovative solutions regarding this industry.

The exclusive agent of the world's top brands
Experience of more than 3000 swimming pool projects
The complete collection of swimming pool and sauna products
Two-years' warranty of Mirab Arian
Nationwide active distribution network
Specialized and experienced experts
Special content
Executive projects and products supplement by Mirab Arian

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